Current COVID precautions for in person office visits

As variants of the virus emerge and sweep through, here are some of the protocols I’m following and requirements I have for meeting clients in my office. I will see you in person if you are vaccinated and boosted only. I am vaccinated and boosted, and will continue to update that as needed. I will wear an n95 or a kn95 mask when we meet in person. As long as mask mandates are in place for Dane County, you are required to wear them in the building. I have increased the ventilation in my office with a medical grade air filter (MedifyAir) and have an additional filter running in the waiting room. We can open windows as well. My office is spacious enough for us to be at a distance. We can absolutely discuss any other accommodations.

Online sessions for coaching work are always an option. If you have had an exposure or find yourself having symptoms (or simply not feeling like getting out of the house), please do not come in. We can either work online or reschedule.

This pandemic has been and might continue to be a long haul. Let’s nourish community care through our precautions and find calm and pleasure along the way.

Want to learn more about setting limits and communicating desires? Want to talk about how these COVID precautions are part of embodied consent? Please be in touch!


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