Nourishing your embodied pleasure and erotic well-being.

About Sasha Lasdon

You belong. Sasha is here to guide you through the complexity of pleasure in everyday life. Sasha is one of few Somatic Sex Educators and Certified Sexological Bodyworkers in the nation, and a certified Wheel of Consent facilitator. You don’t have to go it alone.

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How Integrated Eros Can Help

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Resources for Clinicians

Seeking skills for a trauma-informed, consent-based practice? I offer training, coaching, and experiential learning for medical practitioners and other caretaking professionals.

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For Individuals and Groups

Feeling frustrated or lost in your own pleasure, sexuality or erotic life? I nourish individuals, partners, and groups in returning to and owning their pleasure in everyday life.

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Consultations and Referrals

Have patients/clients with needs beyond what you offer? I teach people touch literacy, embodied consent, and pleasure skills, providing a practice space to bring these things to action.

Somatic Sex Education and Consent Resources

Knowledge is power. Here are some resources to nourish your curiosity and learn some excellent reference points for the work we do together. Many of these resources are my personal colleagues and professionals that I trust.

Integrated Eros Testimonials

“With practical wisdom, encyclopedic knowledge, and a gentle shame-busting kindness, Sasha helped this terrified middle-aged divorced sexual newbie navigate the confusing scary rapids of polyamory, swinging, group sex, one night stands, break-ups, meet-ups, bdsm, FFM’s, MFM’s, E.D. and all the other confusing acronyms. Now I am having the best sex and the best intimate loving long-term relationship of my life. Thanks, Sasha! You really know your stuff!”

“Sasha is a powerful facilitator and compassionate witness of personal change. Our work together guided and encouraged me to embrace new understandings of embodiment. Thank you!”

“Sasha holds an exquisite safe space for supporting deeply powerful embodied work. I was feeling a readiness for continued opening and release in my root. Sasha invited me into the safety of trusting sound and movement in my own body and co-creating a session with them. Delightful! I am very grateful for the session, thank you Sasha!”

“Sasha is a skilled bodyworker, with a strong, intuitive touch. They have a clear, grounded presence that makes it very easy to talk about intimate issues. They are an exceptional and intuitive listener, without a hint of judgement. I felt safe and valued throughout, and that was a critical element in the work we did. They helped me reflect on my sexuality and sexual energy, and with their calm guidance I was able to identify longstanding obstacles to experiencing my whole sexual self. And then, over the course of several bodywork sessions, we moved up to and through those obstacles. The results were so gratifying. I feel genuine joy for finding a deeper connection with my sexual energy and pleasure, and a great sense of freedom from shame and worry about my body and my desires. I would recommend Sasha’s work to anyone who wants to experience more joy, more freedom, more of the pleasure that really is our birthright. They will meet you right where you are, without judgement, and guide you gently but powerfully to a place of greater joy.”


Recent Updates

Wheel of Consent online practice laboratory offered again!

We invite you to join us for a Wheel of Consent practice laboratory in a six week online course! Register Here Why is it so hard to ask for what we want? What gets in our way? How can we learn to know what we want, trust in our own desires, and communicate that to others?  I keep exploring these…

Current COVID precautions for in person office visits

As variants of the virus emerge and sweep through, here are some of the protocols I'm following and requirements I have for meeting clients in my office. I will see you in person if you are vaccinated and boosted only. I am vaccinated and boosted, and will continue to update that as needed. I will wear…

Wheel of Consent online learning laboratory

We invite you to join us for a Wheel of Consent online learning laboratory! Why is it so hard to ask for what we want? What gets in our way? How can we learn to know what we want, trust in our own desires, and communicate that to others?  I keep exploring these questions as I delve deeper…