Somatic Sex Education

Our bodies are the only home we inhabit every day of our lives, and we are most at home within ourselves when our entire body is engaged. “Somatic” means “of, from or with the body”. When we learn of, from or with the body, our learning deeply affects our wellbeing. Somatic Sex Education can help us heal and enrich our sex lives as we move towards conscious pleasure and greater capacity for joy.

In Somatic Sex Education sessions, we will work at your pace to bring your active awareness to the sensory systems of your body. This embodied awareness brings you closer to the core of your erotic self and creates safe space for somatic learning. My role will be to support you in experiential learning, and offer paths for exploration using somatic guidance through this process. Using movement and breath exercises, touch, sound and focused awareness, you will create new ways to touch, move, experience sensation and connect with desire in your body.

Back of muscular person with arms stretching on neck
hands massaging body

Sexological Bodywork

Sexology is the study of human sexuality. Sexological bodywork is hands-on, consensual, unidirectional touch from the practitioner in the service of studying your own sexuality. It is a modality within Somatic Sex Education.

In this practice, I bring my years of experience and training as a massage therapist, bodyworker and trained dancer to being a Certified Sexological Bodyworker. We will work specifically with the tissues of your body to release tension, allow fascia and muscles to move with ease, or to soften scar tissue that may be inhibiting genital or other function. We might also find ways to practice for you to remain present through your own arousal cycles and experiences of pleasure.

Scar Tissue Remediation, Education and Management (STREAM)

Scar tissue can form in our bodies as a way of accommodating injuries, surgeries or radiation, or habitual posture or movement patterns. This modality of Sexological Bodywork can help you attend to scar tissue that may be restricting movement or function or creating pain.

Trans, gender-non-conforming and non-binary people, especially those of us who choose gender confirmation surgeries of any kind, need care for our bodies to heal scar tissue. There is a lot we can do for ourselves, and each other. Together, we can address pelvic, chest and abdominal scarring, whether from birth injury, gender confirmation surgeries or other interventions. I welcome people of all genders in this work.

photo of person taking photo of themselves in mirror after surgery