Pleasure during a time of social distancing

As many of us are experiencing the changes required by precautions for COVID-19, it can be easy to forget pleasure, or to use it as an easy distraction or escape. I’d like to offer some ideas for other strategies.

First, I encourage all of us to take universal precautions. Social distancing, washing hands with soap and water, avoiding touching our faces, using the crook of our elbows for coughing or sneezing. Also, keep yourself informed, offsetting panic or fear by gaining knowledge to take into reasonable action. Even if we as individuals feel healthy, there are those of us with compromised bodies or in high risk populations. Check in on those in your circles. We are all in this together and none of us is invincible. Let’s hold each other, all of us, in regard and care. It’s a great starting point for justice in the world.

With these precautions, what else can we do? I love making lists. Here are a few ideas to stoke your imagination.

Find pleasure in the alone time! (I’m challenged by this action in my ambivert ways, needing social interaction as a thread of my happiness. I say these to myself as reminders). Find time outside if you can. Lakes, trees, landscape and animal companions, wild or not, make wonderful companions. Dance in your home. Touch your own body in enjoyable ways. Explore new practices. Set a timer or alarm as reminders to breathe deeply. Sing. Whisper stories to your own body about desire. Paint your body in the light through the windows. Have a skype/whatsapp/zoom/signal date with a beloved playfriend or partner. Make a pleasure activity with a partner that includes anything but kissing or faces touching. Limitations can be hot. Write erotic stories, which can be as simple as lists of what you want to do or have done to you. In a moment of bravery, share it with another who says yes. Feel into your body, asking it to reveal desire to you. Feel your tongue on the inside of your mouth, letting it roll around your teeth. Pat and stroke and scritch and scrub your body in satisfying ways. Do a striptease in the mirror for yourself with an applause sound track. Keep going.

Spend some time in activity and some in reflection or contemplation. Touch into as much playfulness as you can. Use these ideas as an incantation, a map, a starting point.

If you would like support in stepping into these kinds of practices, please be in contact. I am offering coaching sessions online via Zoom. I am happy to hear from you.

all my best, Sasha

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