Sessions and Rates

Sessions are available for adult individuals, couples, polycules and groups

Coaching Sessions

90 minutes, $135-$200 (you choose within this range. $150 is the base, sustainable rate) – may include:

  • Embodied Mindfulness – guided exercises and meditations
  • Erotic Communication Coaching – practice verbalizing clear needs and wants
  • Sex Life Coaching – personal practical guidance and exercises

Bodywork Sessions

90 minutes, $185-$250 (you choose within this range. $200 is the base, sustainable rate) – may include:

  • Sensation/Pleasure Mapping – building sensory awareness
  • Scar Remediation – direct, gentle work with scar tissue
  • Increasing Touch Vocabulary – exploring different qualities of touch
  • Sex Life Skills Practice – Pressure-free time to practice new techniques
  • Erotic Ritual Facilitation – planning, advising, witnessing client’s self-generated erotic rituals

What to Expect

Whether you are interested in somatic sex education, sexological bodywork or scar tissue remediation, these are the first steps we will take towards enhancing your pleasure and wellness:

  1. Schedule a free 30 minute phone or Zoom consultation. Contact me to schedule a free 30 minute consultation.
  2. The 30-minute consultation. During the call you will have the opportunity to share what you are currently experiencing and seeking and I will tell you more about why and how I work. If you decide to move forward, we will make a plan for next steps and I’ll ask you to fill out an intake form.
  3. Complete the intake form. A vital part of our work together, the intake form allows you to share in greater detail your sexual and physical history, gain insights into your own goals and intended outcomes and to express concerns you may have. It also provides you with information about confidentiality, logistics and other parameters.
  4. Schedule a 90-minute intake session.

In-person in my office sessions are available, currently within COVID safety protocols only. Connecting on Zoom is also an option.

Curious about why I choose a sliding scale rate, or how to consider it further? Please read my blog post about it!